Saturday, November 15, 2008

racist republicans

ultra liberal white guy hangs out with black people (via politico blog)

redmon mailer
redmon mailer 2
the black crow is money
darker skin tone (via think progress):


at a palin rally (via telluridenews)
There was a peaceful group of Barak Obama supporters gathered on a corner at 12th Street and North Avenue who weren’t there to protest, but to show support for their candidate. They did not engage, nor respond to the incendiary comments thrown their way. Perhaps they should have.

The racism demonstrated came from a broad surprisingly large range of individuals. From the beautifully dressed elderly woman who said, “I can’t believe you would vote for that N——”, to the waist high young boy who said “Obama is a N——.” To my surprise, his mother just giggled and smiled at him.
league of american patriots placards (via marc ambinder):
some of the text reads: "Black ruled nations are among the most violent, unstable nations in the world." and "Do you really want an anti-White President?"
conservative djs painted their faces black after election (via freewilliamsburg and rumproast):

crazy tracy:

i can't imagine president of the united states being named president obama. i really have a problem with that. and i'm not the only one.

a mother that was atheist. that really gets to me. father that was a muslim. that should get to everyone.
another rally:

q: why are you supporting senator mccain if you're a democrat?
a: you don't want my true answer.
q: yes sir, i do.
a: i'd never vote for a black man.

i do not want a black man running my country.

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