Sunday, August 31, 2008

sarah palin biography

obviously the american media has yet to learn the truth about sarah palin. they discredit her for being inexperienced considering no one has useful any data on her. they say that her down syndrome baby is actually her granddaughter. what an awful accusation.

sarah palin was born in rural alaska. her mother opted not to go to the labor room but decided to stay to traditional alaskan laboring process. they believe that laboring a baby is best done outside in the cold. the icy snow numbs the nerves he reduces the labor pain significantly. because of the all year coldness of alaska, sarah palin developed bulletproof skin complexion. after birth, her mother got eaten by a bunch of hungry polar bears. the bears spared her.

sarah palin is a lethal assassin. she was five when she held her first gun. her first gunshot hit a moose in the eye. her first real assignment was at 16 after she got her drivers license because it wasn't very efficient to walk in the snow. she was hired by alaska's favorite son ted stevens to assassinate evil democrat honchos. since then she's been paid to remove oil lobbyists in dc.

she has only been shot at once while she was 18. she tried to assassinate a young oil lobbyist while he vacationed in montana. dick cheney caught her trying to sneak into his cabin and shot her in the face point blank. even though her skin is bulletproof, she had to undergo minor reconstruction to fix her dented face. sarah palin was back for business.

sarah palin profession ended when she was 25. she became addicted to murder and admitted to a rehab center. after much struggle with her addiction, she re-evaluated her lifestyle. she decided to redeem the men and women she assassinated.

sarah palin became a pro life.

she lived a quiet life after the ordeal. after a few years, a national crisis shocked the world. the world was now on a brink of cold war II. soviet russia sent their intelligence and army to afghanistan to spread the corrupt ideals of communism and provide the extremist muslims with knowledge to make nuclear bombs. the president called sarah palin and urged her to help obliterate the soviet russians. even before the president hung up, she finished her preparations.

sarah palin was ready on day one.

in the middle of the winter night, she swam across the bearing sea, hiked thousands of miles to get to mosco. she vowed to herself during rehab to never kill again but she slyly compromised with herself and will redeem herself again later. she single-handedly killed all the damn russian commies. she rode a camel she confiscated from a dead arab and went down to afghanistan and recovered the nuclear bomb info. she didn't know which ones were shiites or kurds or sunnis. she said who gave a shit they're all the same.

on her way back, sarah palin was caught by some angry russian commies, tortured, and became a POW for a few years, then one day she skillfully tricked the russians and ran back to america.

sarah palin was an american hero. the old governor gave her his job right away. she became the new governor of Alaska. the first order in the state was to murder all the polar bears that killed her mother. she was the most popular governor Alaska had ever had. because she used to be a POW she is claimed to now have three houses because she deserved it. it is only logical for her to deserve it considering how many unlucky veterans out there who are homeless and limbless.

presidential candidate senator john mccain was very impressed with her and felt a major connection between him and her. they both knew what it was like to be a prisoner of war. they both knew what it's like to own so many homes. they both know what it's like to be clueless when it comes to the economy. but they are both patriots and they complete each other.

the audacious john mccain will be accompanied by the ferocious sarah palin inside the oval office come january 2009.

mccain/ palin '08!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

horny old dude/ milf '08!


album playlist: 0808

so let's see what albums i got and listened to in august. i remember not digging a lot of the stuff i downloaded, so i guess i'll mention which stuff i like. i honestly don't know why some of these bands exists. it's like, somehow in their mind they thought that they're so hipster that making bad music is such an ironic and novel idea that some people might actually dig it...but of course, it's not my business to decide what your taste is like ;)

stuff i liked:

plants & animals - parc avenue (this album i thought is pretty solid, reminds me of midlake)

the tallest man on earth - self-titled ep (the man in the video looks like poo)

woodpigeon - treasury library canada

i cant find a damn video of this one song on the album "7th fret over andres". i thought it's such a good song and kinda reminds me of sufjan stevens.

cut copy - in ghost colours

kaizers orchestra - maskineri (so far i thought this album isnt as great as their previous albums, but i still like it)

woven hand - ten stones

department of eagles - in ear park


grand archives - the grand archives

the sea and cake - car alarm

parenthetical girls - entanglements

parts & labor - receivers

ra ra riot - the rhumb line

the verve - forth

the faint - fascinatiion

i don't get it:

the dead science - villainaire

bloc party - intimacy (this band's starting to get on my nerves. i wanna slash kele's tongue off)

los campesinos! - hold on now, youngster...

aids wolf - cities of glass (i've seen them before live, pretty terrific performance but this shit is just not my cup of tea)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the obama and bush greek temple

this stupid argument might gain traction at some point soon. it's so stupid i didn't even think it was going to be a big deal, until obama's the one to do it.

republicans somehow are making a big deal of obama's stage set tonight, claiming that the greek architecture somehow show that obama is trying to appear like a deity, like zeus. the argument that the pillars that look like a greek temple will haunt obama later on is just downright retarded.

rush limbaugh is already calling it a charade. i mean, seriously, why are these media people so darn stupid? everything obama does is a bit too much, but when bush did it then in 2004, no one gave a shit. what's with the double standard? has the american education system really gone down the drain the past eight years that these hireporters have no better issues to write about?

it never cease to amaze me how crazy american politics and media can become.

it's just downright stupid for these darn republicans who supposedly champion the idea of democracy to suggest such flagrant accusations against obama when the birth of democracy was, uh, lemme guess, ancient greece?

umm, greek architecture influence:

and uh,

university of virginia, designed by thomas jefferson (zeus back then)

why is this suddenly a big deal? what is wrong with these people?

why do i feel like im watching a really bad version of idiocracy when i watch all these political pundits on tv and newspapers?

our legacy fall winter 2008-2009 lookbook

the swing of pendulum
designer: cristopher nying & jockum hallin

our legacy (2)

our legacy (3)

our legacy (4)

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our legacy (5)

our legacy (6)

our legacy (7)

our legacy (8)

our legacy (9)

our legacy (10)

our legacy (11)

our legacy (12)

our legacy (13)

our legacy (14)

our legacy (15)

our legacy (16)

our legacy hipster track bike: fixed gear/ single speed with no handle breaks. it is so hip when you make your life less efficient and impractical just to live up to the ideals of irony...

our legacy bike

photograph: 0808-28 ©

the rink at the rockefeller center, manhattan

nyc_0621 - small


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

trove/ torovu fall winter 2008-2009

designer: daisuke kamide

grrr this one is so hard to find there are only few photos i've been able to locate. it drives me nuts cuz i dont have a scanner and cant scan out the photos from my gap men press. oh well.








weeds s04e10 & s04e11


simone: so that's me. that's him. and that's you.
harmony: so i do that and you do that and he does that.
simone: unless you do that and i do that.
shane: well i'm the only one who can do that.
harmony: unless we use one of those. but i dunno where we'd get that.


shane: they really wanna have sex.
silas: both of em? with you?
shane: yea with me. they dig me
silas: then whats your faggy ass doing here. cant get it up?
shane: always up but i'm freaking out. i mean. what do i do, do i have sex with both of them at the same time?
silas: unless you've grown an extra dick i don't think that's gonna be possible.


isabelle: you put me on liquid diets and snuck laxatives into my chocolate stash
you made me do ultra taibo when i was six.
you told me i'd never be loved when i was fat



girl: head cheese sandwich please?
silas: six inch or foot long?
girl: six inch, ghey theyre is no meat in there anywhere right? cuz if meat even touches weed, i cant smoke it. i'm vegan


lisa: that's 240.
fatty: oh bargain
lisa: umm 240
fatty: i gave you five
lisa: yea you ordered the head cheese sandwich.
fatty: i did. everybody seemed to like them.
lisa: you may have actually ordered the wrong sandwich.
fatty: lemme check it.
silas: yea i gave you the wrong sandwich. my bad
lisa: and we just ran out of bread.
fatty: got a stack of sandwiches right there?
silas: those were pre ordered,
fatty: what's going on here?
lisa: sir, you're too fat.
fatty: you fattist. ima write you up on chow how.


maria: you sure there is no border patrol here?
doug: well as long as you dont walk out of the surface with ten other wet mexicans youll be fine.

photograph: 0808-27 ©

top of the rock, manhattan

nyc_0677 - small