Thursday, September 18, 2008

did they not say the same thing about bush?

folks, if you are a true christian, you'll vote for palin.
if you are a true christian, you also voted for bush (twice).

Dear friends:

Barack Hussein Obama has taken the nation by storm. From obscurity, with zero executive experience, or much of any kind, he has vaulted into the position of Presidential frontrunner. It is stunning. On the surface, it appears attributable only to his eloquent oratory and his race. But an invisible factor may be a strong spiritual force behind him, causing some people to actually swoon in his presence...

Last week at Obama's acceptance speech, that spirit exalted itself in front of a Greek temple-like stage, and to a huge audience like in a Roman arena. Obama was portrayed as god-like. His voice thundered as a god's voice.

At the end, Democratic sympathizer Pastor Joel Hunter gave the benediction and shockingly invited everyone to close the prayer to their own (false) gods. This was surely an abomination, but it was compatible with Obama's expressed theology, and Hunter's leftist leanings.

God was not pleased...

Enter Governor Sarah Palin. With incredible timing, the very next day, Sarah Palin also appeared out of nowhere...

We quickly learned that Sarah is a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, attends church, and has been a ministry worker.

Sarah is that standard God has raised up to stop the flood. She has the anointing. You can tell by how the dogs are already viciously attacking her. But they will not be successful. She knows the One she serves and will not be intimidated.

Back in the 1980s, I sensed that Israel's little-known Benjamin Netanyahu was chosen by God for an important end-time role. I still believe that. I now have that same sense about Sarah Palin...

Only God knows the future and how she may be used by Him, but may this noble woman serve to bring renewal in the land, and inspiration. - salon
and, surprisingly, similar things were said about bush in 2004

"As some of you might remember in November 2000, I had gone to a little cabin in the woods to pray for 40 days. While I was there, I had a vision of a huge ship that was surrounded by icebergs. The name of the ship was "Pride and Arrogance"; (I knew this represented the United States). 

As I looked at the ship, I noticed there was a big gapping hole in the side where it had
hit an iceberg. In spite of this, the ship kept forging ahead into the path of a gigantic iceberg. I knew if it hit the iceberg head on, it would go down like the Titanic. Many people were yelling and waving flags at the Captain so that he would turn the ship. I wondered why the Captain wasn't heeding their warning.
As I looked more closely, I realized he had eye sockets but no eyeballs, therefore he couldn't see where he was headed. Suddenly he received his sight.  When he saw the iceberg looming in front of him, he was absolutely horrified! At that point the vision had ended. I did not know if he had time to change the course of the ship or not. When I asked the LORD who was the captain of the ship, He said George W. Bush (I did not know he had just won the election).

"At the time of this vision I had no idea that there would be a 9-11 attack and that it would leave us with a gapping wound in our side. Also did I not know that the President would go to war with Iraq.

"A few days ago (July 6, 2004) I saw the follow up of the original vision. After working with terror victims in Jerusalem for a few months a friend suggested I take a vacation. She even said she would send me some money so that I could go somewhere and relax. At first I resisted the idea but then I realized I did need some time alone with the LORD.

"As I thought about this, the whole vision came back to my mind. Once again I saw the huge ship that was headed toward the gigantic iceberg. George Bush was still at the helm but this time he had his eyesight.  My thought was that the ship would hit the iceberg, because it did not change course in time to avoid it, and that it would go down like the Titanic. My question was, 'Will George Bush still be at the helm?'

"Again the question arose in my mind as to what had happened to George Bush. Suddenly I was taken back to the scene of the tragedy to see what had really happened. I discovered that when George Bush's eyes were fully opened he jerked the wheel to the right to avoid a last minute crash. This caused the whole side of the ship to be sliced off making the damage and casualties more. Some were saying he turned the ship just to save himself but this is not true. He did it
in the hopes of avoiding the calamity but it was too late. I found myself asking, 'Can any of the ship be saved or will it sink to the bottom of the ocean, and what about George Bush?'

"This was the response I received. 'Unlike the Titanic the ship will not go down. It will stand in the midst of the ocean.' 'How can such a thing be?' I asked. 'The decision by GEORGE Bush to turn the ship will at first appear to be a big mistake because of the great damage that will be done. But in time it will prove to be a wise decision. Even though one side of the ship will be ripped off, no damage will be done to the interior. Had he continued a straight course the internal damage would have caused the ship to sink.'

"'But with one side of the hull gone, what will keep the water from flooding in?' I asked. 'A clear invisible glass wall will keep the water out.' He went on to explain that this wall is created by prayer. He also said that those who remain on the ship will be saved but those who desert it out of fear will not survive.

"Again I asked, 'What about George Bush, will he survive? Will he still be the captain?' 'YES!!!' came the response. 'In fact he will rename the ship. No longer will it be called 'Pride and Arrogance.' Its new name will be 'Openness and Honesty' for things inside can no longer be hidden.'

"I breathed a sign of relief as the vision ended and said 'Thank You LORD!' But then I asked, 'Is it possible that these things won't come to pass?' The LORD responded by saying, 'The protection of the ship can only happen if Christians pray for the invisible wall and if they don't desert the ship.' A.S."  (End quote.)

- Pray for God's protection over America from terror attacks!

- Pray for God's wisdom in the war against Islamic terrorism!

- Pray that the believers in America will wake up and pray!

- Pray that God's will be done in the elections!

- Pray that the relationship between USA and Israel will be strengthened!  

God bless you as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem!  Thank you for praying for us! - jim bramlett

crazy religious folks will rationalize everything, even the irrational things...

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