Thursday, September 4, 2008

if sarah palin can become vp, so can gladys leeman!

gladys leeman resides in mount rose, minnesota (population 5,076)

during her younger years, gladys leeman was crowned the mount rose american teen princess.


she is a pro-gun american. she is a lifetime member of the national gun association and the lutheran sisterhood gun club.



she has been the local chairman of the pageant organizing committee. her job involves administrating and distributing responsibilities to her subordinates. the fact that she has been involved for so long in the committee is proof that she had the proper executive and governing experience.


gladys leeman is also a devoted wife of a successful local businessman, lester leeman. mr leeman is quite well known in the town considering he's a very experienced
furniture salesman and he also has investments in mexico. by osmosis and by marriage, gladys leeman has experiences with free trade and foreign affairs.

gladys leeman's daughter, rebecca ann leeman, is also a member of the nra and the vice president of the lsgc.


the leemans are a typical pro-god, pro-gun, pro-life, type of middle american christians.


later on in life, she was sentenced to jail for a scandalous power abuse case and cost her a run as a mayor of mount rose. she entered a state-wide prison beauty pageant. she is later released from prison and is now the governor of minnesota. ever since holding position, she's been developing strong trade connection with the canadian government.


aside from being sentenced to jail for such a typical political power abuse, she is completely vetted; she is ready to be the next vice president of the united states.

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