Sunday, October 5, 2008

if sarah palin can be vp, so can ugly betty...

lets get real. she might not be as hot as palin, but she's smart, talented, ambitious, and kind-hearted. she's an everyday girl from new york and she's in touch with the middle class, lower class and minorities.

she's a secretary but she has executive experience because she's literally the one who saves the day at the publishing company she works at. on every episode, she takes on evil that is wilhelmina slater who keeps trying to take over the company.

for all those insane republicans out there who are proven to live in an alternative world, you should consider getting rid of palin and replace her with ugly betty. i am sure she exists in the republican's world of wild imaginations. my god, palin has NEVER held a live press conference. ugly betty has done far more outrageous shit than palin.

all the peggy noonans, rich lowrys, david brooks, kathryn jean lopezs out there who are still in denial should consider my suggestion in picking ugly betty. now is too late, but maybe 2012.

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