Thursday, October 9, 2008

racist republicans #02

*note: there seems to be a trend of calling obama a terrorist, and that is really downright scary. many wont dare say it yet, but some already are. and that is terrifying.

p/s - notice the whiteness of the crowd (except the one black dude...) and how they duck logical questions. just the fact that they base their stance on insanely stupid accusations makes me wonder if i'm the one who's not so sane...

some lines:

"that guy hangs around with terrorist"

"obama is a terrorist dont you know that?"

"obama's a terrorist. he's a muslim himself?"
"do you really believe that sir?"
"i believe he supports terrorism."

"get a job!"

"you think they should die?"
"everyone dies, don't they?"

"she should die!" referring to rape victims who have to pay for rape kit under wasilla law.

some lines:

"i think he's a one-man terrorist cell"

"you think he's a terrorist?"
"he's got the bloodlines"

"and you mindy green, thinks obama is a terrorist?"
"i do"

"when was the first time you heard of sarah palin?"
"when they announce her as the vp"
"when was the first time you heard of obama?"
"here it comes. this guy's good. first time i heard of obama, umm never."

fav line:

little kid: "you need gloves to touch him."

supporter when mccain criticized obama's tax plans (firstread):

"off with his head!"

why can't there be more people like these guys?

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