Saturday, October 25, 2008

maverick mccain endorses obama

in another surprising twist to the 2008 election campaign, senator mccain impulsively endorsed senator obama's run for presidency and announced a complete suspension of his campaign. he gave a short speech of his endorsement at the end of his rally in leesburg, virginia earlier today.


senator mccain said in his endorsement that this "astonishing self-sacrifice i made for the good of the country" will let undecided voters see that he is actually the one voters want to lead the country.  the republican nominee acknowledged that this endorsement "is a reverse psychology tactic" and that the american people "want a leader with the courage to sacrifice. to put country first instead of ambitions".

the mccain camp's press conference response stated that "this courageous, selfless maverick act shows the american people that senator mccain is the real candidate who has the strength and judgment to lead the country. at the polling booth, voters will remember this endorsement and they will cast their vote for senator mccain the maverick."

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