Friday, July 18, 2008

project runway lame-itude s05e01

keywords: girlicious, wackadoodle, crap, tote

my name is blaine and i try too hard to start a new catchphrase: "girlicious". clearly did not sparkle with the judges.


my name is suede and i'm too old to use that name. i look badass cuz i have blue faux hawk and i think i sound just as badass because i blurted out the word "wackadoodle" 14 minutes into the season pilot. i also bedazzled my name in the back of my denim vest.



my name is jerry. even though i got kicked out, i stand by what i said: "as a designer i always wanna be taken serious. i saw that people were just putting crap on top of crap. ya know, paper bags on top of coffee filters and balloons or balls and produce. that's all stuff i just throw away in the trash."




my name is wesley and i'm tote* a gq guy. my tote bag is tote* manly cuz it goes well with my summer shorts. i wear tote* fitted shirts with sockless loafers. i don't care if other people say tote bag is gay cuz i tote* believe in everything gq says. to me tote* also stands for "totally".




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