Friday, July 18, 2008

weeds s04e05


crook: six dollars?
andy: that's like six thousand pesos.

weeds (3)

nancy: i had a long talk with my associate.
guillermo: associate? damn. you already keep too many secrets from me. tottiera. lesbiana.
that's your girl outside isnt it?
nancy: celia?
guillermo: chewy took that camera to rite-aid. must thought you were fuckin around on her. following you everywhere.
nancy: uh yea, she has trust issues.
guillermo: man, i've seen bitches like her. crazy stalker bitches.


nancy: in the drive thru at popeyes i found myself saying 'family combo please'. and it was a moment of clarity. what i mean to say is, i was thinking of you today. of all of you.

weeds (2)

weeds (4)

weeds (5)

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