Wednesday, July 23, 2008

weeds s04e06

weeds (3)

nancy: did you get lucky with the rocky mountain shopping guy last night?
celia: fong? please. i'm so not into asians. the rice, dick, all that soy, "hai tao". not for me.

weeds (4)

doug: check out bitch badge, or is it tramp stamp. either way she's hot.
andy: wow. her friend's got madonna arms. you think that's sexy?
doug: nah. not on a white woman.
andy: you need to find a place to live doug. ya know, place to take on the ladies.
doug: i gotta make some money.
andy: we should be coyotes. that guy who brought over davenport and marzipan was such an asshole. and charge them a fortune. i think we got a real opportunity here doug. we could be good coyotes. nice coyotes, like the jet blue of coyetes. sunny ships and bottled water. competitive pricing without the rape trees and the extortion.
doug: that could be our slogan.
andy: serious, man. oh look, asian with big fake tits. is there ice cream up the street?

weeds (5)

doug: i love her. i love you!
andy: i think illegal immigration for profit. that's our next venture.
doug: let me think about it. i don't really like mexicans.

weeds (6)


nancy: shane, how much do you want for the coffee table?
shane: 125
asian guy: 80
shane: 125!
asian guy" 120
shane: 130! keep it up!

weeds (7)

andy: aah rad's mom. you own the cheese shop
lisa: cheese' gotta have it. yeah, that's me.
andy: that is so clever.
doug: i love your cheese.

weeds (8)

doug: you are so beautiful. you're like a mermaid. a mexican mermaid. a mermax.
andy: i thought you dont like mexicans.
doug: just the fat ones. i'm doug.

weeds (2)

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