Friday, July 18, 2008

streamyx miracle!


i dunno what caused this miracle but somehow my torrent speed on this damn streamyx line is able to download a dvd rip film at 35 kB/s average. sometimes it went up to 42 kB/s. is it because of the number of people seeding? it's weird cuz my connection has always sucked.

i have a 384 kbps basic dsl with this ISP and pay about 20 USD per month. i am no internet expert but i can tell for sure that at this price, this streamyx ISP is probably the biggest rip off ever cuz usually the typical speed usually never ever comes close to the advertised speed.

it drives me nuts when the internet speed is goddamn slow, especially when flickr photos etc etc take forever to load. i have to wait forever to get youtube videos to load.

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