Wednesday, August 27, 2008

weeds s04e10 & s04e11


simone: so that's me. that's him. and that's you.
harmony: so i do that and you do that and he does that.
simone: unless you do that and i do that.
shane: well i'm the only one who can do that.
harmony: unless we use one of those. but i dunno where we'd get that.


shane: they really wanna have sex.
silas: both of em? with you?
shane: yea with me. they dig me
silas: then whats your faggy ass doing here. cant get it up?
shane: always up but i'm freaking out. i mean. what do i do, do i have sex with both of them at the same time?
silas: unless you've grown an extra dick i don't think that's gonna be possible.


isabelle: you put me on liquid diets and snuck laxatives into my chocolate stash
you made me do ultra taibo when i was six.
you told me i'd never be loved when i was fat



girl: head cheese sandwich please?
silas: six inch or foot long?
girl: six inch, ghey theyre is no meat in there anywhere right? cuz if meat even touches weed, i cant smoke it. i'm vegan


lisa: that's 240.
fatty: oh bargain
lisa: umm 240
fatty: i gave you five
lisa: yea you ordered the head cheese sandwich.
fatty: i did. everybody seemed to like them.
lisa: you may have actually ordered the wrong sandwich.
fatty: lemme check it.
silas: yea i gave you the wrong sandwich. my bad
lisa: and we just ran out of bread.
fatty: got a stack of sandwiches right there?
silas: those were pre ordered,
fatty: what's going on here?
lisa: sir, you're too fat.
fatty: you fattist. ima write you up on chow how.


maria: you sure there is no border patrol here?
doug: well as long as you dont walk out of the surface with ten other wet mexicans youll be fine.

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