Thursday, August 14, 2008

weeds s04e09

last week episode was pretty bleak in terms of not having hilarious quotes. this week is better though.


celia: that will be 164 dollars and 17 cents. ya know, we give discounts for cash.
customer: i only have like 37 dollars in cash.
celia: done.
customer: are you sure?
celia: yeah. tell your friends.


nancy: you ever do this when you were young?
andy: no fucking way, thank you god. my mom was not hot.flappy upper arms. strange moles.
nancy: why couldnt he have a gun?



nancy: it's a little corky to masturbate to pictures of your mother. to have this sexual kindof relationship or conenction or hookup, the stand-in for your mother.
you may think it's okay because this woman isnt actually your mother because these photographs dont necessarily look like me. since you know me as me now, not me as me then. and according to freud a lot of people wanna have sex with their mother or substitutes for their mother.

doug: listen, you cock-juggling thunder cunt!


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