Saturday, August 30, 2008

album playlist: 0808

so let's see what albums i got and listened to in august. i remember not digging a lot of the stuff i downloaded, so i guess i'll mention which stuff i like. i honestly don't know why some of these bands exists. it's like, somehow in their mind they thought that they're so hipster that making bad music is such an ironic and novel idea that some people might actually dig it...but of course, it's not my business to decide what your taste is like ;)

stuff i liked:

plants & animals - parc avenue (this album i thought is pretty solid, reminds me of midlake)

the tallest man on earth - self-titled ep (the man in the video looks like poo)

woodpigeon - treasury library canada

i cant find a damn video of this one song on the album "7th fret over andres". i thought it's such a good song and kinda reminds me of sufjan stevens.

cut copy - in ghost colours

kaizers orchestra - maskineri (so far i thought this album isnt as great as their previous albums, but i still like it)

woven hand - ten stones

department of eagles - in ear park


grand archives - the grand archives

the sea and cake - car alarm

parenthetical girls - entanglements

parts & labor - receivers

ra ra riot - the rhumb line

the verve - forth

the faint - fascinatiion

i don't get it:

the dead science - villainaire

bloc party - intimacy (this band's starting to get on my nerves. i wanna slash kele's tongue off)

los campesinos! - hold on now, youngster...

aids wolf - cities of glass (i've seen them before live, pretty terrific performance but this shit is just not my cup of tea)

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