Monday, August 4, 2008

project runway lame-itude s05e03


omg my name is suede and suede likes to annoy people by speaking in third person. suede will be pretty sad when suede gets kicked out in the middle of the show because viewers will cheer his elimination.


my name is blayne and i'm a real lame fggt. i can't stop with the -isms of tim-licious. i feel like i have tourette or something. i try too hard to be memorable. it's only the third episode and i try to be as fake as possible cuz i think it'd be good tv. i'd do everything including showing my really creepy look on tv. holla at cha boy? i'm kitchen sink-ing in one entire episode. how much worse can it get from now?


my name is korto. i finally cracked today! i laughed! i'm surprised cuz i laughed not once, but twice! i think i made the mistake of laughing. if i could stand the entire season being the only serious, scary black woman, my character would be totally memorable. but i couldn't help it. i laughed at some shitty joke. it never happened before! i gotta be serious again!


wongfu (2)


my name is emily. i dont want to admit it but i'm a total hipster. i am pretentious, condescending, with a better than thou aura and my headband shows it all. it's ironic that i got kicked out because that dress was beautiful. it was finished. it showed personality. it's totally underground and edgy.


my hipster friends would totally wear it to some bar and look glamorous when shadowscene takes photos of my dress! this was just a drop in my uber flowing bucket of experiences [pause] and im really glad that i met you [faking to be nice to other designers]. i got kicked out but whatever, i don't care. my design cant be judged by some mere non-hipsters like nina, michael and heidi. i don't get how a design inspired by a fire hydrant resembles anything that is new york. my design is totally that of new york. for me, new york city is a place where the intestines is inside out. it's to the point!




my name is keith and i'm a typical buffed up, kind-hearted, ex-mormon, gay guy from salt lake city, utah. i can say "hey buddy" to tim gunn without sounding rude. i'm a nice guy.


my name is sandra bernhard. my hero is patrick swayze aka vida boheme cuz i love to wong foo quite a lot.


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