Saturday, August 9, 2008

fox news may cause epileptic seizures

everytime i watch clips of fox news, i just wanna bite and punch my screen cuz of this sudden seizures i get.

i have never had seizures until i was exposed to fox news. i learned that the fox news pundits/ anchors may be the cause of my series of seizures. my doctors and myself wonder if it's possible that my brain is confused and needs to shut down after being switched on and off and back again so many times in a matter of minutes after watching and listening to the fox news anchors debating with a guest who disagrees with them.

we wondered if it's possible that listening to guests' incomplete sentences due to incessant interruptions by the anchors may confuse my brain and forced to shut down. i wanted to use myself as an experiment, and even produced a letter to release the doctors from any liability. i wanted to do so because my depression from the seizures makes me want to commit suicide. no kidding. of course, the doctors decided not to allow any experiment with their help.

i still thought an experiment is necessary. i stuck a piece of cloth in my mouth. i strapped myself to my chair and forced myself to watch some of the clips on youtube.

the first is a video from february 2003 with janeane garofalo on fox and friends unable to finish a complete sentence in the most of the nine minutes she was on screen. she could never finish what she wanted to say. i felt like i was ambushed by brian kilmeade because i really wanted to know what garofalo wants to say but she never got the chance; kilmeade keeps stopping her at midpoint and my body starts to twitch.

this is the second clip with jeremy glick as a guest on the o'reilly factor. as it turns out this dude wanted to give his two cents but told to shut up on a number occasions. at least this conversation is easier to understand than the first one above, but still causes me to grit my teeth, sweat profusely and bite deep into the cloth piece in my mouth.

the third is one with bill o'reilly on a yelling match with geraldo rivera. the yelling contest just kept getting louder and louder and neither one of them can maintain their cool. i started acting up and after a few hours i woke up and realized that i passed out after a terrible seizure watching this clip. if i die from a new case of seizure, someone better sue fox news and tell them to let people finish what they want to say...

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