Monday, August 18, 2008

project runway lame-itude s05e05


my name is blayne. i like the fact that a story about my divorced parents and my crazy family is brought up. it's so typical of project runway to air confessions of designers and those designers, like me, always end up in the bottom three.


i'm kinda angry that brook shields knew from the beginning that picking me is just a gamble. when i showed on the runway, she said that it is "a bit too casual and not sophisticated enough." but that's essentially what i showed on the sketch. if she's not confident looking at the sketch, why even bother? i mean, i showed bermuda shorts for her to go to work and she still picked me?


my name is daniel. i agree with blayne. i opened up and talked about my family background and i ended up in the bottom three again. it almost seems that when you give a spotlight to the designers, it either means that designer is gonna be at the bottom, or sometimes at the top. look at kelly. she talked about her grandma and sounded as pathetic as possible but still got kicked out. the ones who aren't interviewed, at least not aired, always end up safe.

i'm glad that i didn't go. i have impeccable taste but obviously i can't make a skirt. or maybe i just didn't care and i didnt want to interfere with kelly's great ideas. isn't it funny how after three completed seasons, all these amateur fashion designers still don't learn anything from previous group assignments? just like me, everyone is so rude, have no strategy to avoid conflicts, no one wants to express opinion on looks that are shitty because we don't care, and we like to confess to the tv how our partner's design is shit, and don't even sound positive; we just like
to stab others in the back.


my name is kelly and i have many bitchy facial expressions i can show you. i also have this nasal twang about my voice that i'm sure is pretty annoying to hear.



i'm so angry that i got kicked out even though daniel should have gone. that dress i made is totally great. the result is also different from the sketch i showed to brook shields. the mixture of the leopard print and the cheap black silhoutte with the real hideous bust deserves to win. i know that leopard print is tough to pull off because it's tacky most of the time but seriously, look at me. i love leopard print and i have a sleeve of tattoo on my arm. they are not a tacky combination at all.



my name is kenley and i'm an aspiring fashion designer. i'm pretty cute and the little flower on my head always makes me look adorable and innocent even though i like to laugh at people in their face. it's totally not rude. especially not on national tv. one day i will be successful because when customers come to me, i'll laugh in their face when i think they deserve it. i dont need to think of the consequences because honestly, i'm so cute and i have an annoying laugh. i'm sure i'll get more clients this way. they adore me!



looks like next week's episode is gonna be a great one! NOT!


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