Friday, August 15, 2008

the only ad obama needs

and surprisingly this isn't even obama's own work. obviously obama had some punches thrown at mccain but they aren't dirty or negative enough. do you think americans like to read positive news stories? americans like gossips and dumb water cooler stories. why do you think people watch so many shitty reality tv shows and tourists camp outside of the ivy to take photos of celebrities?

srsly, nice guys don't win elections. play nice all you want till september, then step it up after that. you might raise close to half a billion dollars of donation by election day and if you still can't sucker punch the old dude properly you're wasting people's time. and my 25 bucks buying an obama tshirt.

okay, you might not be the nicest guy cuz your own ads did mislead people at times but not as bad as fox news i am sure.

obviously every four years americans get to choose either a giant douche or a turd sandwich. admit it, at times you have been kinda douchy. now be the giant douche that you are cuz we dont care anymore. really, who wants to eat turd sandwich for four more years?

giant douche, or

turd sandwich.

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