Wednesday, August 20, 2008

frenching with michel thomas - part 3

it took me more than a week to somehow finish the third tape. i think i've listened to the tape about twenty times the past ten or so days. i guess i play it mostly in the background when i'm working on some other stuff. never really got the chance to only listen and focus to it.

transcript of the third tape is after the jump >>.
i guess it's a good thing i'm posting this cuz the original source is on some broken website.

to wait | attendre
I am sorry but I cannot wait because I have to leave now | je regrette, mais je ne peux pas attendre parce que je dois partir maintenant
I'm sorry | je suis désolée
I'm sorry, but | je suis désolée, mais
I'm sorry but I cannot come with you now because I am very busy | je suis desolée, mais je ne peux pas venir avec vous parce que je suis très occupé
I would like to speak with you | je voudrais parler avec vous
(in a question, invert the subject and verb)
do you speak? | parlez-vous?
to speak French? | parlez-vous français?
you are going | vous allez
are you going? | allez-vous?
where are you going? | où allez-vous?
where are you going to have dinner tonight? | où allez-vous dîner ce soir?
you are leaving | vous partez
at what time? | à quelle heure?
at what time are you leaving? | à quelle heure partez-vous?

to stay | rester
you are staying | vous restez
I am staying | je reste
he is staying | il reste
she is staying | elle reste
my friend | mon ami
my friend is staying | mon ami reste
everybody | tout le monde
I am staying
I am not staying
I don't stay
(there are three ways to express the present tense in English, which are all translated the same way into French)

ready | prêt
I am ready (spoken by man) | je suis prêt
I am ready (spoken by woman) | je suis prête
he is | il est
he is ready | il est prêt
she is ready | elle est prête
you wait | vous attendez
wait a moment! | attendez! attendez un moment!
you are not waiting | vous n'attendez pas
why do you wait? | pourquoi attendez-vous?
at what time do you leave? | à quelle heure partez-vous?
we, us | nous
we are leaving | nous partons
to start | commencer
you are starting | vous commencez
we are starting | nous commencons
at what time are you starting? | à quelle heure commencez-vous?
at what time are we starting tomorrow? | à quelle heure commencons-nous demain?
it, this, that (at beginning of sentence) | ça
it starts | ça commence
it is ready | c'est prêt
it is starting | ça commence
it is not ready | ça n'est pas prêt
it is not starting | ça ne commence pas

he can | il peut
she can | elle peut
it can start now | ça peut commencer maintenant
it must start now | ça doit commencer maintenant

(many French words can be guessed, such as "arrive" arriver)
arrive | arriver
at what time do you arrive tomorrow? | à quelle heure arrivez-vous demain?
at what time are you arriving? | à quelle heure arrivez-vous?
morning | matin
tomorrow morning | demain matin
morning (the whole morning) | matinée
to spend the whole morning | passer la matinée
to spend the whole evening | passer la soirée
good day | bonjour
day | jour
to spend the whole day | passer la journée
in, to (a city) | à
at to (a country) | en
at what time do we arrive in Paris tomorrow morning? | à quelle heure arrivons-nous à Paris demain matin?
I am arriving | j'arrive

soon | bientôt
so long, until soon | à bientôt
she is arriving soon | elle arrive bientôt
today | aujourd'hui
(au is short for à le)
the restaurant | le restaurant
at the restaurant | au restaurant
the office | le bureau
I am at the office | je suis au bureau
not today | pas aujourd'hui
to be | être
here | ici
I would like to be here | je voudrais être ici
I would like to be here with you | je voudrais être ici avec vous
at what time are you going to be here? | à quelle heure allez-vous être ici?
I have | j'ai
I have something for you | j'ai quelque chose pour vous
I have a message for you | j'ai un message pour vous

he has | il a
he has something for you | il a quelque chose pour vous
I don't have | je n'ai pas
he doesn't have | il n'a pas
I am hungry | j'ai faim
I would like to eat something now because I'm hungry | je voudrais manger quelque chose parce que j'ai faim
I am going | je vais
I am going to stay here | je vais rester ici
I'm going to leave soon, I'm not going to stay | je vais partir bientôt, je ne vais pas rester
I'm going to eat | je vais manger
I'm going to start soon | je vais commencer bientôt
I'm not going to leave today | je ne vais pas partir aujord'hui

he is going | il va
I am going to start soon | je vais commencer bientôt
he is going to start soon | il vous commencer bientôt
he is | il est
there | là
he is there | il est là
he is not there | il n'est pas là
(il n'est pas là also means "he is not in")

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