Sunday, August 10, 2008

project runway lame-itude s05e04

at the beginning of the episode there's a recap from previous episodes, and i just caught that the kind-hearted ex mormon kid said that he didn't come to the show to make friends. what a typical thing to say when you're on a reality tv show.

my name suede and suede hates how suede doesnt get enough attention this episode. suede is totally sure that when suede said that "suede loves that", the camera is right in front of him. but somehow the editor decided to edit suede out and uses a shot of kelli instead. suede is wackadoodly pissed off.

snapshot20080811032432 copy

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my name is apollo ohno. i did the one "ohno you didnt" thing i shouldn't have done on project runway. i decided to wear an oversized tshirt when i first go on the show. i am totally ashamed because heidi called me one of the most stylish gold medalists ever.

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my name is jennifer and i am particularly inspired by the little jogging suit. i wanna take a different era and translate into modern times. this is my sketch, and obviously i should stay in because i'm so eccentric; i'm the only one who creates childish sketches and matronly designs. i can't believe i got kicked out.

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my name is joe. i decided to be an attention whore starting from now because as a 40 something old, bland looking guy, i need to gain the attention. and it feels damn good. i jokingly said "let the fashion games begin" at mood, and said it again when we walked into the work studio. my stomach cringed afterwards cuz i realized it's more bland than saying wackadoodle or girlicious.

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i also wanted to show that i am a mature man and i like to confront my problems right away. i went up to daniel because he re-threaded my machine. if only he had paid attention to where people are working. people get in a groove and they start working on certain machines. daniel's so much into daniel. it's all about daniel. he didn't seem to be too concerned about that.

i mean, i'm sure i did the right thing. but then i realized that i am the dumber one to even bring it up because if i wanted to claim a machine, i should've written a note on the machine to not let anyone else use it. that should've been the first thing i did but instead i opted to be an attention whore to stay on the show longer.

my name is karto and i cannot believer i laughed again this week. and i even laughed at blayne's tanorexic jokes too. who knew that blayne and i could even get along. opposites really do attract!

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