Thursday, August 28, 2008

the obama and bush greek temple

this stupid argument might gain traction at some point soon. it's so stupid i didn't even think it was going to be a big deal, until obama's the one to do it.

republicans somehow are making a big deal of obama's stage set tonight, claiming that the greek architecture somehow show that obama is trying to appear like a deity, like zeus. the argument that the pillars that look like a greek temple will haunt obama later on is just downright retarded.

rush limbaugh is already calling it a charade. i mean, seriously, why are these media people so darn stupid? everything obama does is a bit too much, but when bush did it then in 2004, no one gave a shit. what's with the double standard? has the american education system really gone down the drain the past eight years that these hireporters have no better issues to write about?

it never cease to amaze me how crazy american politics and media can become.

it's just downright stupid for these darn republicans who supposedly champion the idea of democracy to suggest such flagrant accusations against obama when the birth of democracy was, uh, lemme guess, ancient greece?

umm, greek architecture influence:

and uh,

university of virginia, designed by thomas jefferson (zeus back then)

why is this suddenly a big deal? what is wrong with these people?

why do i feel like im watching a really bad version of idiocracy when i watch all these political pundits on tv and newspapers?

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